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Interview with Delmer Frees on September 27, 2002

Interview with Delmer Frees on his family's migration to Park County, homesteading, and local schools and teachers

Interview with Ben and Alan Eos on July 24, 2002

Interview with Ben and Alan Eos at the Eos Mill about their parent's migration to Colorado and eventual settling in Park County, and growing up at the mill


Interview with Lodi Eshe on December 17, 2003

Interview with Lodi Eshe discussing the Schattinger family, growing up in Jefferson, Colorado, working in Fairplay, Colorado, getting married and her husband's time working in the South London mine

1980 interview with Charlie Dell

Interview with Charlie Dell about life in Guffey, migration in and out of the area, family history, Utes and Arapaho, cowboy life

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1979 interview with Charlie Dell

Interview with Charlie Dell about family, ranch hand life, his experience meeting Rex Bell and Clara Bow, and life in Guffey, Colorado

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2004 interview with Mildred and Howard Betts

Interview with Mildred and Howard Betts about Colorado history, Harris Park, extreme weather events, and changes in land and ownership

13 songs with Charlie Dell

Charlie Dell playing banjo with organ player and singers singing Whiskey Basin Blues

1981 Interview with Charlie Dell

Interview with Charlie Dell in 1981 about rodeos, women prospectors, copper and zinc mining, ranching, Wadly cemetery, Guffey post office, the Cripple Creek miner's strike, and those who thrived economically early on in the area

Alfred Dell standing in a backyard with a small dog in Colorado

Alfred Dell. He was born in 1871 and died in 1964. He spent most of his life in the Guffey area as a rancher and miner. He was the father of Charles, Buford, Louise, Betty, Thelma and Lorraine.

Source: Sam and Bette Sciortino

Drawing of a log cabin and ore house at Last Chance in 1878

Last Chance cabin & ore house. Located along Four Mile Creek in Horseshoe Gulch. Sketch by C. S. Richardson.

Source: South Park Historical Foundation